5 Best Funny Garden Gnomes for A Unique Garden Scene

5 Best Funny Garden Gnomes for A Unique Garden Scene

Garden gnomes are probably the most popular decorative garden statues, including them in your decoration is an excellent way to add flair to your garden, yard, home, or office. These whimsical creatures are small in stature but large in personality, they can be shy, welcoming, happy, or even grumpy. And for those who like to laugh, the funny gnomes are ideal little friends for company. Here, we would like to offer you a few choices of such garden gnomes for your decorating inspiration.

1. Funny Handstand Welcomes Garden Gnomes

Want to suggest to your garden visitors from the very beginning that the owner of the place is an interesting person? This Funny Handstand Welcomes Garden Gnome is sure to satisfy your needs. This daring gnome greets you with his bare butt, which is guaranteed to bring a smile on everyone's face. And look at the big smile on his face, he is very proud of his cute pose and he enjoys it. He would find comfort positioned near your mailbox or driveway to make a maximum appeal. Or, you can simply drop it on your lawn. His quirky and funny pose is sure to attract the most attention.


2. Funny Pants-down Gnome Garden Statue

Another pants-down gnome for those who love to make their garden a unique and interesting place. This mischievous little guy is caught pissing somewhere in your garden, and he is like saying “oops” for being captured. The perfect place to put it is the corner by a garden wall or a shed door, he would become a smile-making discovery for those entering or leaving the space. Do not miss the beer glass at his feet, which completes his overall look and tells a story. His colors are realistic and full of detail, and the waterproof finish allows him to stay beautiful.


3. Seesaw Figurines Garden Gnomes

These fun and frivolous fairy garden gnomes find their way into your outdoor garden as they play happily on a wooden seesaw. Their infectious joy and relaxation suggest to visitors how well tended your garden is and how much of a haven it has become for them to play in. They add some backyard childhood memories for your pleasure, how you play carefree with your best buddies. The simulated lawn at the base of the sculpture is suitable for any green corner in your yard. Place this sculpture in an open space where you need to decorate and it will bring smile to anyone’s face with his simplistic beauty.


4. Joyful Red Hat Garden Gnome Statue with Lantern

Let this fairy-loving gnome bring joy to your outdoor decorating space. He’s just the right size for perching in your favorite spot. He's a shy little guy, looking up at you with a blush face, hoping to bring good cheer to every passer-by. He is always ready to offer help and attract people with his big grin. The sculpture is perfect to be exposed either on your lawn, in the garden, or even indoors, according to your needs.


5. Solar Garden Gnome with Mushroom Figurines

Looking for a bright decoration for your garden corner? Look no further than this lamp-bearing gnome. This smiling cutie is having a great time with his best mushroom buddy. Equipped with solar LED device, he can be the perfect focal point whether it's on day or at night. Display this on a step or a stone to keep him in view, he would be the ideal overseer for a thoughtfully decorated fairy garden too. He makes a welcomed addition to your lush garden flowerbed as well. And its resin construction is rust resistant and weather resistant, making your outdoor statues always look new.

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