Decorative Vase Ideas for a Modern Home

Decorative Vase Ideas for a Modern Home

If you want to add a little detail to your interior, complete the modern look, or add a little polish or a chic touch to your home, then choosing a minimalist vase for your flowers is a good idea. Vases are the glue that holds all living room, bedroom, and dining room accessories together. Using minimalist vases is a simple way to brighten up a space, and here are several choices that you should not miss for a modern home.

1. Minimalist Unglazed Ceramic Vases in Neutral Colors

A vase with simple lines and neutral colors is always your first choice, because they are a good friend to all home styles. If you don’t know where to start with your tabletop vase decor, then try these minimalist unglazed ceramic vases. They have the closest look to handmade vases and a modern shape that can give a very elegant and sophisticated looks providing your space a casual yet stunning decoration. Its matte finish ridged texture draw the eye up towards your design.

Unglazed Ceramic Geometric Line Vase in White

If you are a DIYer and you want an eye-catchy touch, you can paint the vase ombre or just part of them with some bold paint, or cover the vases with knit to create a touch of warmth.

Nordic Unglazed Matte Ceramic Vase

If you're tired of these regular lines and want to add some wild texture to your coffee table, then this vase will be your favorite choice. This roughly carved, lovely ceramic vase with handles is made in fossil color with a distressed look.

Ceramic Unglazed Embryo Vase in Neutral Grey

All three of the above vases are designed with narrowed mouth, which means you only need to insert one or two dried flowers or fake flowers to create a simple but chic tabletop vase decoration.


2. Porcelain Vases with Unique Design

Porcelain vases look very stylish due to the texture they have, and their different patterns and designs offer trendy and modern detail to your interior decor. Like these origami style vases with plenty of colors in option. Their unique design will definitely be the first thing that draws the attention of your guests. Simply drop in a bundle of dried flowers for effortless beauty.

Nordic Origami Style Ceramic Vase

Nordic Origami Semi-circular Ceramic Vase

If you are looking for a porcelain vase with a unique cool tone color, look no further than this fambe blue decorative vase. They can be an amazing addition to your interiors, you even don’t need any arrangements because they are eye-catchy in themselves.

Minimalist Home Decor Vase in Fambe Blue

3. Vases that Certainly Brighten up Your Room

In addition to some vases that blend well into your home's style, you certainly need some that brighten up your interior design, either in color or design. First, I would recommend this gradient blue ceramic vase. Its simple lines accentuate its bright color, which immediately catches the eye. In addition, its light blue color gradually fades to brown at the bottom, adding a touch of naturalness that makes it suitable for all kinds of fake flowers.

Minimalist Modern Ceramic Vase in Gradient Blue

Let's add a bit of fun in your floral decor by using this lovely, simple shaped vase with handpainting in cheerful colors that lights up your room. The embossed design of its pattern adds dimension and detail. And with its bold color scheme, it can instantly brighten up any room.

Minimalist Handpainting Vase

Last but not least, this lovely, classic face-shaped wide vase with handles. Its adorable, simple but outstanding face shape turns any corner a point of interest. Its subdued color is also one of its features that can highlight your arrangement.

Abstract Face Shaped Ceramic Vase


If you are looking for more unique vases that stick to your interior decor, check our website for more.


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