Vases And Flowers Table Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Vases And Flowers Table Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

When you and your family moved to a new house, you must have put a lot of thought into the interior design. But do you know what can make your house more eye-catching? That is to pay close attention to the details of your living room decor, because it is the central part of your house and the place where people make their first impressions of your house. The best and easiest way to make your living room more comfortable and welcoming is to arrange your living room table with vases and artificial flowers. Below I will present some vase and flower arrangements in different styles to help you make your choice more easily among the many arrangements available.


1. A Simple Vase and the Classic Flowers

Minimalist Ceramic Round Vase in Bright Color

Firstly, choose a vase with a simple shape and muted colors, like this minimalist ceramic round vase. it has a full shape and a warm Morandi color scheme. A distinct highlight is its matte, unglazed look, which accentuates your flowers nicely. For a vase like this, a classic faux flower will complete your table decor, such as this artificial ranunculus flower.

Artificial Ranunculus Flower

Its full bloom will be the focal point of your room, but its simple shape will not overpower the rest of your decor. Most importantly, it is made in warm colors, and it will go well with the vase mentioned above without causing color dissonance. This match is best suited for people whose home decor is mostly of warm color, or who want to add a little touch of warmth and cozy to their room.


2. Minimalist Vase Flower Arrangement

Minimalist Patchwork Ceramic Vase in White and Denim Blue

If you like your home decor to be more simple and less fussy, but with your own unique style, look no further than this patchwork ceramic vase in white and denim blue, whose simple lines and premium colors provide a touch of modernity to your interiors, and the combination of glazed and unglazed adds a touch of liveliness and brightness to your interior during daylight hours, and a touch of calm at night. It is best paired with flowers in cool or light colors, such as this artificial football lily bush.

Artificial Flower Football Lily Bush

This flower is mainly purple and pink in blue tones with small blossoms. This arrangement will form an overall blue-toned decoration, and the blue color gives a sense of calm, which is perfect for that relaxing atmosphere you want to convey. Simple and neat. If you are going for a minimalist type of flower arrangement then this would be perfect for you.


3. Vintage Tabletop Decor

Vintage Unglazed Ceramic White Vase

The last one I would like to introduce is a vintage style vase and faux flower set. This vintage unglazed ceramic white vase is roughly carved, and the handcrafted and vintage look sets the tone for your table decor. Here, I recommend this handmade silk burnt edge rose bundle to go with it.

Handmade Silk Burnt Edge Rose Bundle

It is handmade dried flower with burnt-edge in rich antique colors. This is a perfect flower vase arrangement when you are going for the country or vintage style theme. The flowers and white vase blend perfectly with your either natural wood decoration or your vintage rustic style.

The above are only a few of the styles you can choose for your home décor. If you want to make your own vase and flower arrangement, check our website to look for more choices.


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