5 Artificial Flowers Perfect for your DIY Hanging Baskets

5 Artificial Flowers Perfect for your DIY Hanging Baskets

Artificial hanging baskets is going to be the trendy outdoor decoration in the coming season. Don't miss the opportunity to show your DIY skills and use your creativity and imagination to create unique outdoor hanging baskets that will add life to your home decoration or incorporate your decorating scheme. Using artificial flowers for hanging baskets is a good choice if fresh flowers are not an option. Preserved flowers can keep its freshness throughout the year with absolutely no care. If you have never designed any hanging basket arrangement, don’t worry, there are a few faux flowers optional for both experienced and beginners that are befitting for all regular occasions, enabling you to spend less time replacing them and more time doing the things you enjoy.


1.Realistic Artificial Roses with 3 Heads Arrangement - 11.8’’

The easiest way to make a beautiful artificial hanging basket is to fill it with fake flowers with rich ornaments, like this rose that comes in various sizes, embellished with greenery and little wild flowers to fill out the arrangement. It is available in a wide variety of colors to satisfy any palette. This artificial rose offers that classic, timeless look, ready to complete any of your hanging basket arrangement. It makes hanging basket DIY so simple. You only need a bunch of such roses with a color matching flower basket, and your spring hanging basket decoration or wedding decoration is completed.

2.Life-like Silk Burnt Edge Hydrangea - 14.2''

The second way is to choose a faux flower in a pure color and full shape as your centerpiece, like this silk burnt edge hydrangea. Taken together with the rounded top of flowers, it all creates a passionate visual stimulus that makes the rest of the filling and decorating job easy, while setting a sweet tone of the décor. Perfect for ceremony decor.

3.Artificial Orange Jessamine Flower with Stem - 28.3''

Third, let me introduce a versatile fillers flower that sets off your main flower while adding a sense of height and depth. For example, this orange jessamine flower with long stem has small but concentrated flowers, muted colors, dense foliage, and its long branches make it perfect for cutting into different lengths and filling in every parts of the hanging basket at will to add to your DIY fun.

4.Artificial Enkianthus Greenery - 31.5''

In addition to flowers, let me introduce greenery. Flowers are more beautiful when they are spotlighted by green leaves, aren't they? Your DIY hanging baskets will definitely need greenery to enrich the style as well. This enkianthus greenery is full of vibrant upward branches and its leaves with interesting shape make it the perfect choice to advance your arrangement. Choose a longer branch, insert it into the basket and let it trail down the cone to visually connect the entire arrangement and add a bit touch of nature to your decor.

5.Artificial Rose Bud Garland - 20.5''

The last but not least, rose bud garland with miniature rose buds hidden in dense foliage and long, soft branches allow this faux flower to serve as both a layered filler and a spray that cascades over the edge of the container, offering a beautiful display of color. Whether it's vintage or rustic, the wildly spreading branches are a perfect fit.



Our best pick is the 1 and 2,if you are looking for more types of fake flowers to enrich your hanging baskets DIY, check our website to look for more.

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