5 Best Garden Gnomes that Bring Your Patio to Life — Simple But Creative

5 Best Garden Gnomes that Bring Your Patio to Life — Simple But Creative

If you are a garden-decorating lover, then you must have heard of, or included, garden gnome decorations in your life. Garden gnomes are probably the most popular decorative garden statues. These whimsical creatures are small in stature but large in personality, always ready to add a special touch to any outdoor garden space. Their magic lies in the fact that even the simplest little gnome will find a plethora of ways to feature its charm in your personal patio. Here, we introduce 5 simple but creative garden gnomes to give you inspiration.

1. Garden Gnome Hammock Figurines Outdoor Statue

Look carefully, your yard may have become a haven for some gnomes to rest. This garden gnome wearing a little red hat has made a hammock out of the fallen leaves in your yard. Images of relaxing on a chill out summer afternoon come to mind when viewing this hammock-resting garden gnome. He stretched out for a nice break between work in the comfort of your backyard, seemingly delighted with his little white pigeon friend on hand. The simulated lawn at the base of the sculpture is suitable for any green corner in your yard. Place this sculpture in an open space where you need to decorate and he will bring smile to anyone’s face with his simplistic beauty.


2. Three Wise Garden Gnomes Hear, Speak, See No Evil Outdoor Statue

Create a special garden with this set of funny small dwarfs. Among all the whimsical creatures of Neverland, you will not find any creature wiser than these three brothers, for they act out a familiar tale of hear no, speak no, and see no evil. These featured Snow White dwarfs include some nostalgia for your outdoor gnome garden idea decorating, also making a fantastic addition to an outdoor space that is perfect for your kids, where they can have fun playing in the great outdoors. Made in non-toxic resin, they are safe and lightweight enough for children to play with. Find them a cozy corner in your backyard as their special play ground, they will instantly become part of the magic of your garden.


3. Blue Hat Welcoming Garden Gnome Statue

If you are looking for a welcome gnome for your garden entry, look no further than this statue. Holding his welcome sign with a big grin, this blue hat garden gnome is sure to make every guest of your garden smile and feel warmly welcomed. He's a shy little guy, looking up at you with a blush face, hoping to bring good cheer to every passer-by. His overalls are the classic Christmas color scheme, making him a great companion for your garden decorations, both daily and for the holidays. He would find comfort positioned near your mailbox or driveway to make a maximum appeal.


4. White Zen Gnome and Frog Garden Statue

Give this little garden gnome a place to call home in your garden. This all-white gnome with his green friend makes a perfect addition to a Zen garden. The same posture he and his little friend have also adds a touch of fun and humor. His all-white overalls create a surreal fantasy world that’s ideal for a personal and original secret garden space, or a perfect decoration beside the pond in your patio to bring peacefulness and tranquility. Non-toxic and waterproof for outdoor use, this garden gnome is able to maintain its beauty in years.


5. Zen Gnome Statue with Pigeon

Compared to the calm friend above, this Zen garden gnome holding a feathered friend is decorated with colorful designs to create a nostalgic and fun atmosphere for your yard. Showing off his wide grin, this cheery little gnome provides plenty of personality on his own. Display him on a step or a stone to keep him in view, he would be the ideal overseer for a thoughtfully decorated fairy garden too. Its resin construction is rust resistant and weather resistant, making your outdoor statues look new at all times.

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