Selecting the Right Vase for Your Blooms

Do you sometimes come home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you have carefully shopped for, only to find that you don't have the appropriate vase to go with your bouquet? Or do you find that no matter how you arrange your flowers, your vase flower combination just doesn't look right? All you need is a minimalist vase that is versatile for every decorating style. Find the right one and you can create real impact, even with just a few simple blooms. Here, we share our recommendations with you-- the top five ceramic vases every flower lover should own.

1. Handmade Zen Thin Neck Ceramic Vase

Handmade Zen Thin Neck Ceramic Vase

If you intend to showcase individual stems, your best choice is to create a simple floral vase arrangement with a narrow-mouth vase. Take this Handmade Zen Thin Neck Ceramic Vase, for example, whose unglazed surface and minimalist colour maximise the floral character. Its smooth lines and Zen-like shape make it easy to incorporate into your modern home décor. Moreover, using it as a base for your coffee table decor is a very economical way to get the brightest and most versatile decor for the least amount of money, as its narrow spout can only accommodate one or two flowers.


2. Minimalist Ceramic Vase in White, Grey and Black

Minimalist Ceramic Vase in White, Grey and Black

If you want to complement the elegance of your long-stemmed flowers, never miss this tall, slender column vase. Its smaller mouth keeps everything sleek and controlled, and its hard, simple lines set off your flowers for a more vibrant look. And it comes in three sizes and colors to give you even more choices.


3. Creative Paper Bag Shaped Ceramic Vase in White

Creative Paper Bag Shaped Ceramic Vase in White

If you want a place to keep your bouquet handy, then this Paper Bag Shaped Ceramic Vase is a great choice. With its creative paper bag shape, it is a great addition to any style of bouquet. Its wide mouth gives the flowers more room to spread out, which is ideal when you want to arrange single stems and masse like narcissi or tulips. These vases look great in modern interiors.


4. Human Face Expression Plants Pot Vase

Human Face Expression Plants Pot Vase

If you want a vase that looks fun even without flowers in it, then this Human Face Plants Pot Vase offers a great new idea for you. Its cute and quirky shape is a perfect home decoration in itself, and the wide mouth of the vase gives you more space to display the flowers. The neutral grey unglazed material adds a touch of modernity and calmness and is ideal for your modern minimalist interiors.


5. Creative Ceramic Flower Shaped Vase

Creative Ceramic Flower Shaped Vase

Tired of black and white vases? Then let us suggest a vase with vibrant color for you. This Ceramic Flower Shaped Vase in warm morandi tones and its lovely shape make it a splash of colour in the interior. Whether it's an American rustic or children's room decor, this vase will fit in perfectly. And with just one or two brightly colored flowers you can complete your floral vase decor.

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